Powerbank is a lifesaver and convenient source of energy when you are short on battery. it makes our life easier. It is one of the things you must have, However, the problem arises in choosing one.
One of the best power bank, you can try and which is currently having in the market is the new Xiaomi 20000 mah Li-polymer Powerbank.

The 20000mah Li-polymer battery with ultimate charging ability makes it more durable and more optimize in charging and efficiency.
but what makes it perfect is its new 9 Layer of chipset protection.
which ensures protection against various short-circuits, over-charge and discharge, etc.
The charging time is approx 6.7 hours with a standard USB cable.
But you can not only charge your mobile phones but also your headphones, fitness bands, Tablets Speakers and much more.
The slim design not only gives a great look but also gives a great ability to easy to carry it around.

With different color variants, you can choose your favorite one.
Coming to the price currently, the price is between 1000-1500 Rs which is worth it and not so much for this sublime and magnificent device.
You can get it from your nearest store or an online site like Amazon.