The Internet is used by many people for searching and browsing such as social media, video, images, communications  news, and much more which really helps the people to ease there life, but these things are the 2% part of the internet or web which is really small but the real question is what are the other 98%, So here I will tell you what are the other 98% part of the web.
after reading this you will be able to know

  • What is surface web
  • What is Deep web
  • What is Dark web
  • What is Marina web


Generally, There are three Levels of Webs
Know as


Surface Web

All the websites, you see use daily, This includes  Pages, Posts which are opened and can be found directly through search engines, Crawlers used to an indexed file which are also used by a search engine like google. All the pages in the surface web are legal and open to anyone.

Deep Web

Other than surface web this is the half of the web. which can not be found by search engines or crawlers, they are inaccessible by search engines, They are not indexed by crawlers. This includes Files, Directories, prohibited pages and users Pieces of information, such as your email, password, account Setting etc...

Dark Web

This is the place where you will not able to get access. unless you have a special type of software or browser known as TOR or Onion browser, If you want to know how to download TOR click on this link: How to install Tor on Kali Linux So the main point is what is there in the deep web. So the answer is Deep web is a place or we can say heaven for Criminals, Hackers, Drug Dealers, where the people can buy or sell illegal Things like Drugs, weapons, Tools, Softwares, child pornography and even body parts of humans and animals. and much more and they also sell services like hiring hackers, Hiring hitman, around the globe.

Surface web deep web dark web mariana web
Image Showing 3 Level of Web

Last But Not Least :

Marina's web

Marina's web can also refer to deepest part of the dark web the name Mariana web in the behave of Mariana's trench known as deepest part of the ocean, generally Mariana web cannot be seen by a normal search engine and computers it can be only accessed by Quantum computer, which is also not sure because No one has ever accessed to Mariana web.

So, Now I hope you know the Difference between Deep web, Dark web, and Marina web.