Using an extensions makes your life much easier as it helps you to save your time, save your effort, save your money, but most of the people don't know how, why, and most importantly which extension
they should use. So in these post, I will tell you Top 10 Best Extension For Google Chrome which I personally use as most of the other people use it, So after reading this post, you will able to know:-

  • Top 10 best extension for Google Chrome
  • Top 10 best chrome extension that will make your life easier
  • Top 10 Best and Free extension for google chrome.

Top 10 best extensions for google chrom
Best extensions for google chrome - swipestra


While reading it you will find I have put the number of the user using the extensions and the number of average user rating from 5. So the number of users and number of rating may change in the future.



It is one of the most popular chrome extension, especially among writers, It will feel really embarrassed if someone finds a mistake in your writing So Grammarly makes sure that you don't get any type of mistakes or errors while writing any type of documents, Posts, Messages etc...which also enhance your writing skills. Grammarly has already more than 10,000,000+ users with an average of 4.6 rating.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is one of the best chrome extension tools, It has a special Recording, capturing feature which includes, Capturing all visible part of a page, Delayed capturing, Capturing the selected area, Capturing entire page and much more. Awesome Screenshot has already more than 2,000,000+ 
users with an average of 4.6 rating.


AdBlock is a popular chrome extension, Are you frustrated watching ads specially Poping ads and malicious ads which are really frustrating and dangerous. No problem!, AdBlock chrome extension specially made for you which helps you to block ads all over the web. AdBlock has already more than 10,000,000+ users with an average rating of 4.5 rating.


LastPass is an also popular Chrome extension, it will be definitely helpful for you if you are among those people who forget there password, forget any type of important data or feel lazy typing their  username and passwords, Credit card number again and again, then LastPass is specially designed for you as it used for storing important data such as username and password, Credit card number, Adress, and this allows you to autologin and sync password anywhere you want and it is fully secured. LastPass chrome extension has already more than 8,000,000+ users with an average rating of  4.6.

SavefromNet - Video Downloader

SavefromNet is a popular chrome extension especially used for downloading youtube and other social media videos in different formats such as MP4, 3GP, WebM and more in different quality with just one click.

EverNote Web-clipper

EverNote Web-clipper chrome extension is a great extension for saving important things and data you see on the web, what it means that now you don't have to bookmarks things, The only thing you have to do is save them in EverNote Web-clipper and easily find them from anywhere you want, This chrome extension has already more than 5,000,000 users with 4.7 of average rating.


Honey chrome extension is a great extension especially for those who love shopping and saving money after installing this you don't have to search for coupons and sales as this chrome extension automatically find and apply coupons when you shop online. This extension only supports in several countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and India as well. This only serves the site which has global customers such as Amazon. This extension have more than 10,000,000+ users with an average rating of 4.8


If you love exploring different sites, This is the great extension for you as you can do lots of things like,
Delete your browsing history
Remove download history
Erase unnecessary files
Clear website cookie
Clear website cache
Scan your Browser for any type of malware with just one click.
This popular extension has more than 4,000,000+ users with an average rating of  4.8

Checker Plus from Gmail

Checker Plus from Gmail as a name suggests, So if you are among the user who has to use Gmail on a daily basis and you are tired of opening Gmail, again and again, this extension is for you as you can view any email with just one click, So no need to open Gmail again and again. This extension has already more than 1,200,000+ users and have an average rating of 4.7


This extension is different from other extensions as this extension help you to change your mood and personal dashboard into a professional theme featuring to-do, weather, task, clock, etc This chrome extension helps you to calm down and get inspire with there beautiful themes. This extension has now more than 4,000,000+ users with an average rating of 4.4

So, I hope after reading this you will find these post interesting and useful.