Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How To Improve SEO Of Website

Ranking a website is a great way to drive a traffic to your website. especially when your website appears on the front page of the search result. As 93% of the users are redirected to the website through the front page of a search result. which means if you have good SEO on your website, The website will automatically rank on the first page of a search result, As a result, most of the traffic will be redirected to your site. But the real question is How? I am sure after reading this you will able to know:-

  • How to improve the SEO of a website
  • How to rank up your website
  • How to drive a traffic to your website
how to improve SEO of website -
How to improve SEO of a website


Use Metadata

Title metadata

Title metadata is generally used by search engine to display a page on the search result.
It is generally used by a search engine to show what the content is about.
Title metadata helps the users to show what they are looking for.
The size of the title metadata should be a maximum of 60 characters after it, It will not display any characters.

Description metadata

Description metadata is used to show the users what the actual content is all about. The description metadata shows after title metadata. The size of the description metadata should be a maximum of 160 characters after it, It will not display any characters

Keyword metadata

Keyword metadata is used to show the relevant keywords related to the basics of the content of the website to the search engine. But as of "Title" and "description metadata" This doesn't appear on a search result. It is only used by the search engine to know what the content is all about.

Images show Title, Link, and Description of search result -
Images show Title, Link, and Description of search result

Use ALT tags

ALT tags are must if you are using any type of image in your website. As it is shown in image search result and whenever the user clicks on the image they are redirected to the website.

Publish a relevant content

Your content will never be on the first page of search result if you put irrelevant content since Google hate it and which also affect visitors from revisiting. Your content should always match with the title and description of the webpage.

Be Active update your content regularly

This is the main key point why most of the new website get top ranks on the search result within some days. It not only make in the top result but it also forces the new visitors to revisit it again, and engage them with your website.

Create a sitemap of your website

A sitemap of a website is one of the most important parts of a website as it tells the search engine what and where the website pages, posts, and links are located. The sitemap plays a very important role in SEO of the website.

Make a mobile-friendly website

More than 40% of organic traffic comes from mobile users. which makes important for a website to become mobile friendly.

Use structural inter Links

The one of the key point to use structural interlinks is because it engages the visitor with your most of the content.

Use social media 

Using social media for your website is the best way to promote and make new visitors to your website and also the best way to drive a traffic to your website.

Use Google tools like

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the best way to monitor your website Problems, Errors, and Warnings
basically, Google Search Console is a tool which helps your website to function correctly. And it is also the best to make your website indexed to the search engine with the help of google crawler.
You must use this tool for your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must have tool for your website as it tells each and everything about your website. such as No of visitors, Bouncing rate, Locations, traffic source, etc.. and most importantly
it gives you a real-time overview of your website.

Google Adword

Google Adword is also one of the most important SEO tools, As it gives you information related to the Keyword of your content and website.  As I have already explained to you about keyword metadata Since it is one of the most important parts of SEO for your website. I will definitely recommend you to use it.

Make your website secure

Google doesn't want to put the un-secure website at the top of the search result. Since they take these issue seriously as they don't want that the visitor to get in trouble. So for these, I will recommend you to use SSL certificate or we can say (https) for your website. You can also buy these for free from here

So, these are some of the most important ways by which you can Improve SEO Of your website.
I am sure your website will rank top of search result if you use these for your website.


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