Having your own website is a great feeling, but it becomes twice when you monetize your website and start earning from it.
As we all know there are lots of ways to monetize your website and start earning a good amount of money from it but the most popular way among most publishers that is recommend by them is Google Adsense.
But the only problem with Adsense is its strict account approving policies in which most of the website publishers fail.
So, Many of the publishers want to know How to approve Google Adsense account.


If you are using a website with domain such as (yourwebsite.wordpress.com) or (yourwebsite.example.com) there are no chances of getting approval with these type of domains, But if you are using website with the domain with extension .blogspot or using blogger the chances of getting approved become high.
But In my opinion, I will recommend you to purchase and use your own Top-Level domain Like.COM, As the rate of approval, become high with it. It will cost you around 10$. you can use a website like GoDaddy, Hostgator etc.. to purchase it.

As the main question is How to approve a website on Google Adsense account
Here are some of the main points to get a website approved quickly with Google Adsense.


  1. Purchase custom top level domain
  2. Create a professional website with a clean design
  3. Add pages like about, contact, privacy policy
  4. Upload at least 10 to 15 Quality contents
  5. Use domain specific email address, ex:- example@yourdomain.com
  6. Don't use any type of copyright images or cont
  7. Don't buy any type of referral traffic
  8. Do not monetize your website with other networks of ads 
  9. Make sure you don't have any type of broken links on your website.
  10. Do not post contents related to hacking, cracking, fraud, age-restricted and adult contents etc...
And here we go,
Now you will be able to Approve a website on Adsense
and now you can apply for Adsense.