Thursday, October 11, 2018

How to Download And Install Pycharm 'Python Editor' For Linux

In this post, I will show you how you can Download and Install Pycharm 'Python Editor' For Linux and I will also show you how to run pycharm in Linux/Ubuntu


First of all download the pycharm from Here

and then extract the pycharm tar file by typing

tar -zxvf pycharm-community-2018.1.tar.gz
root@error502:~>>> tar -zxvf pycharm-community-2018.1.tar.gz

root@error502:~>>> ls

>>>cd pycharm-community-2018.1
root@error502:~>>> cd pycharm-community-2018.1

root@error502:~>>>/pycharm-community-2018.1# ls

>>>cd bin
root@error502:~>>>/pycharm-community-2018.1# cd bin

root@error502:~>>>/pycharm-community-2018.1/bin# ls

root@error502:~>>>/pycharm-community-2018.1/bin# ./ [To run a program type:-]

[NOTE] If the file is not executing just type chmod +x [filename]

Now create a project on pycharm and save it
example: print "Nitin Singh" (It's my name)
Now for executing the python file just type

root@error502:~/PycharmProjects/Python project# ls  venv

root@error502:~/PycharmProjects/Python project# python
Nitin Singh (Here is my Name)

Here we go the python script is showing my name
So, I hope now you understand how you can download, Install and run your python script with pycharm, python editor in Linux/Ubuntu.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What Is Linux (OS)


kali linux

Linux is an open source Operating system used as a desktop, server also known as hackers heaven, Linux consist of many open source free software used by hackers, cybersecurity experts.
It was released on 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Generally, Linux was developed for personal computers
but now it is used by giant companies as there main OS(Operating System) Most of them are used as a server Because  Linux is designed to handle data management, web service, Networks and also as it is more secure and powerful than any other OS.

Hacking White-hat VS Black-hat Hackers

Hacking is referred to anyone who is involved in unauthorized actions on computers or networks, the people who are engaged in this type of malicious acts are known as hackers. So firstly let's understand who are they. after reading this you will able to know.

  • Difference between White-hat and Black-hat Hackers
  • Who are White-hat Hackers
  • Who are Black-hat Hackers

Black-hat hacker
Anonymous Black-hat hacker

Generally, there are two types of hackers.


White hat hackers

They are the expert ethical hackers who work for the good cause, Generally, they work for the government, agencies, private companies as a penetration tester, Network security, Vulnerability research, Reverse engineering

Blackhat hackers

They are those who are individuals or a part of illegal hacking groups. their main motive is involved in unauthorized actions on computers, networks, software, websites etc. they are the people who are engaged in this type of malicious acts.

What Is Digital Currency "Cryptocurrency"

Cryptocurrency is also known as digital currency which uses cryptography and blockchain for its medium of exchange by which it gets more strong and secure for its financial transaction. So let us understand what is it.
So, Here you will also able to know

  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • What is Digital Currency
  • Cryptocurrency in Blockchain
what is cryptocurrency
what is cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency  is same as other alternatives currencies but the only diffrence is it is not as other physical currency which are made up of papers or metals. it's just made up of some bunch of computer encrypted digits which is well known as cryptography hash
Some what it looks like this:-


The hash is an example of a SHA256 hash

As any other typical currency cryptocurrency does't have a  central banking system but
it have Blockchain which manage and record all the transection which takes place.

The most popular cryptocurrency or digital currency is Bitcoin which was first released on 2009 as an open source software and it is consider as the first cryptocurrency in the world till date there are now more than 4000

Some of them are given below:-






Monday, October 8, 2018

What Is Cyber Security

"The next world war will not happen by weapons it will be with some (bunch of codes)"


cyber security

A cyber warfare is any type of offensive maneuver done by individuals or an organization,
they can be anyone you, Me, or any group of the organization, They not only target individuals but also government, Organisation, Military, To gather precious and important documents, of any individual or organization
Many of them do such things for money Some for their own interest, some for politics and some for hates which easily turns into cyberbullying.
They generally target any Computers, Computer Networks, Directories by various means of malicious acts usually originating from an anonymous source that either steals, alters, or destroys a specified target by hacking into a susceptible system.

What is Deep web, Dark web and Marina web

The Internet is used by many people for searching and browsing such as social media, video, images, communications  news, and much more which really helps the people to ease there life, but these things are the 2% part of the internet or web which is really small but the real question is what are the other 98%, So here I will tell you what are the other 98% part of the web.
after reading this you will be able to know

  • What is surface web
  • What is Deep web
  • What is Dark web
  • What is Marina web


Generally, There are three Levels of Webs
Know as


Surface Web

All the websites, you see use daily, This includes  Pages, Posts which are opened and can be found directly through search engines, Crawlers used to an indexed file which are also used by a search engine like google. All the pages in the surface web are legal and open to anyone.

Deep Web

Other than surface web this is the half of the web. which can not be found by search engines or crawlers, they are inaccessible by search engines, They are not indexed by crawlers. This includes Files, Directories, prohibited pages and users Pieces of information, such as your email, password, account Setting etc...

Dark Web

This is the place where you will not able to get access. unless you have a special type of software or browser known as TOR or Onion browser, If you want to know how to download TOR click on this link: How to install Tor on Kali Linux So the main point is what is there in the deep web. So the answer is Deep web is a place or we can say heaven for Criminals, Hackers, Drug Dealers, where the people can buy or sell illegal Things like Drugs, weapons, Tools, Softwares, child pornography and even body parts of humans and animals. and much more and they also sell services like hiring hackers, Hiring hitman, around the globe.

Surface web deep web dark web mariana web
Image Showing 3 Level of Web

Last But Not Least :

Marina's web

Marina's web can also refer to deepest part of the dark web the name Mariana web in the behave of Mariana's trench known as deepest part of the ocean, generally Mariana web cannot be seen by a normal search engine and computers it can be only accessed by Quantum computer, which is also not sure because No one has ever accessed to Mariana web.

So, Now I hope you know the Difference between Deep web, Dark web, and Marina web.

Linux Clean and Fix Broken Files

To clean and fix broken file you can use these commands

broken file linux -
Fix Broken File- Linux

So, Here is
How to clean and fix broken files in Linux Ubuntu with a simple command. which will clean your systems broken files applications and many more with some basic Linux command

sudo dpkg --configure -a

sudo apt-get install -f

You can answer yes to any type of prompt and let it try to resolve the issue for u

So based on this try this command it would clean up your system

sudo sh -c "apt-get update;apt-get dist-upgrade;apt-get autoremove;apt-get autoclean"

So, these can help you to clean and fix the broken file in Linux and Ubuntu

Monday, September 24, 2018

Blogger vs Wordpress - Which One is Better?

Having a website is a great feeling, But the real problem is most the people don't know where and how to start it. Most of the people often ask about this, and most of them come with the choice between two leading content management systems Blogger and Wordpress,
but after this, they ask Blogger VS Wordpress which one of them they should choose
So, here are some of the points which will help you to choose and compare between blogger and WordPress.
After reading this you will able to know:-

  • Blogger vs Wordpress which of them you should choose
  • Blogger vs Wordpress which one is better (Compare)
  • Blogger vs Wordpress Pros and Cons


Blogger vs Wordpress - which one is better


Blogger is owned by Google itself, It is one of the most popular content management systems. As a name suggest "Blogger" also known as "Blogspot" It was specially created by Google for bloggers and publishers and it is absolutely free for anyone, you don't need to buy or wait for any type of hosting, domain name or any type of material. you just have to sign-in with your Google account, choose a free blogspot domain name, choose a theme and start publishing. But, It will be great if you buy your own custom domain and theme of your own choice.


If you are a beginner in this field you should start with this, As it is really easy to use as most of the things are already set up. you don't have to work too hard to customize or plugin things to your site and theme. But if you are not a beginner then blogger is too basic for you as you know and want to customize your website and theme in your own way then there is a limit on it. as you can just customize basic things like Header, Footer and Navigation Bar of your website which are blogging friendly.


If you want to create a website especially for blogging then you must use blogger, as they have lots of blogging friendly themes which you can implement in your website but if you want something different in your website you can buy a theme and implement it, which is really easy. But if you want your website appearance more advance and of your own choice then there is a limit on it.


Comparing to WordPress blogger is owned by Google which is somehow an advantage for publishers as they get free stuff but however, There is a disadvantage at the same time as the website you create is officially not owned by you. So Google has right to shut down an access to your website any time.


If you are using blogger then you don't have to worry about security as it is owned by tech giant company Google. blogger give you extra options for the security of your website. One such thing is enabling SSL/https certificate and backup of your content, Pages, Post, Theme of your website for free of cost. however the support is limited in blogger, there is very less and basic support in documentation and user forum.


Comparing to WordPress blogger also give you an option of transferring your website and its materials to any (content management system) such as WordPress, So you don't have to worry anything about your website if you are not satisfied. but however, transferring of your website can risk your website SEO and Rank.

Blogger vs Wordpress - which one is better


Wordpress is a self-hosted content management system the same as a blogger but with more advanced tools, resources, plugins, and with more facilities. Wordpress website can be built by anyone with some basic experience. However, WordPress gives you free domain name and hosting with their basic plan by which you can build your own website for free but if you are serious about your work and website I will suggest you buy a brand new domain name and WordPress hosting.


comparing to blogger wordpress website can be built with some basic skills and some basic modification, However, if you want to make your website look more professional then you should know some basic knowledge about coding. WordPress has a lot of advanced tools, plugins, and theme which helps you to make the website look more professional as you want.


If you want to build any type of professional website then WordPress is the best place for you as they have a lot of resources such as themes and plugins which you can implement in your website and most of them are free of cost which helps you to make the high-quality professional website as you want. however, I will suggest you buy your own domain name and WordPress host.


Wordpress is a most popular content management system as more than 30% of the website is created by it and the most important part about it is unlike blogger were Google have the right to do anything with your website. but in WordPress, you are the owner of your website. WordPress doesn't have any right to with your website. you are the official owner of your own site. nothing can happen to your site without your permission. But for being the official owner of your site you have to upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress site.


Unlike blogger, WordPress does not give free SSL/https certificate. you can find free third-party plugins for SSL/certificate such as Cloudflare which you can get for free of cost or it will be great if you can buy your own SSL/https certificate. But, there is some security problem on WordPress like implementing any wrong code in your WordPress website can lead to a problem which can also affect your SEO and search rank. So for this, you should always create a backup of your website before implementing and editing any type of code on it. But however, the support of WordPress is great as they have a very active community help system and their online documentation and forums are well organized and maintained which is enough for anyone need help.


Same as blogger WordPress also give you an option for transferring your data such as your contents, pages, posts, theme, and also a whole website with a restore and backup option. So you don't need to worry anything about your website.




  1. Best for beginner/starter                            
  2. Best for bloggers
  3. Easy to customize and modify
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Lots of free stuff
  6. Lots of blogging friendly theme
  7. Secure(Free SSL/https certificate)
  8. Easy to transfer resources
  9. No need a knowledge of coding


  1. Limits in choices/resources
  2. Not Self-hosted
  3. Limit in theme choice
  4. No plugins
  5. Limit in supports
  6. Limit in implementation
  7. Not for a professional website
  8. Less right to do anything with your website



  1. You have a right to do anything with your website
  2. Easy to transfer resources
  3. Self-hosted
  4. Best for professional websites
  5. Lots of choices/resources
  6. Lots of plugins
  7. Great support
  8. Lots of theme choices
  9. Edit, customize, implement code

  1. Not cost effective
  2. Less number of free choices
  3. Less secure
  4. Need basic knowledge of coding
  5. Wrong implementation of code can lead to a risk for your websites, SEO, Rank and much more.
  6. Will Need some basic training

So, Here are some of the points and comparison between WordPress and blogger. In my opinion, I will suggest you use blogger if you are a beginner or wanted a free blog-friendly website and WordPress if you want a professional self-hosted website with lots of resources and plugins.
 Now I hope you all know which one you should choose between both Blogger and Wordpress.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Top 10 Best Extension For Google Chrome

Using an extensions makes your life much easier as it helps you to save your time, save your effort, save your money, but most of the people don't know how, why, and most importantly which extension
they should use. So in these post, I will tell you Top 10 Best Extension For Google Chrome which I personally use as most of the other people use it, So after reading this post, you will able to know:-

  • Top 10 best extension for Google Chrome
  • Top 10 best chrome extension that will make your life easier
  • Top 10 Best and Free extension for google chrome.

Top 10 best extensions for google chrom
Best extensions for google chrome - swipestra


While reading it you will find I have put the number of the user using the extensions and the number of average user rating from 5. So the number of users and number of rating may change in the future.



It is one of the most popular chrome extension, especially among writers, It will feel really embarrassed if someone finds a mistake in your writing So Grammarly makes sure that you don't get any type of mistakes or errors while writing any type of documents, Posts, Messages etc...which also enhance your writing skills. Grammarly has already more than 10,000,000+ users with an average of 4.6 rating.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is one of the best chrome extension tools, It has a special Recording, capturing feature which includes, Capturing all visible part of a page, Delayed capturing, Capturing the selected area, Capturing entire page and much more. Awesome Screenshot has already more than 2,000,000+ 
users with an average of 4.6 rating.


AdBlock is a popular chrome extension, Are you frustrated watching ads specially Poping ads and malicious ads which are really frustrating and dangerous. No problem!, AdBlock chrome extension specially made for you which helps you to block ads all over the web. AdBlock has already more than 10,000,000+ users with an average rating of 4.5 rating.


LastPass is an also popular Chrome extension, it will be definitely helpful for you if you are among those people who forget there password, forget any type of important data or feel lazy typing their  username and passwords, Credit card number again and again, then LastPass is specially designed for you as it used for storing important data such as username and password, Credit card number, Adress, and this allows you to autologin and sync password anywhere you want and it is fully secured. LastPass chrome extension has already more than 8,000,000+ users with an average rating of  4.6.

SavefromNet - Video Downloader

SavefromNet is a popular chrome extension especially used for downloading youtube and other social media videos in different formats such as MP4, 3GP, WebM and more in different quality with just one click.

EverNote Web-clipper

EverNote Web-clipper chrome extension is a great extension for saving important things and data you see on the web, what it means that now you don't have to bookmarks things, The only thing you have to do is save them in EverNote Web-clipper and easily find them from anywhere you want, This chrome extension has already more than 5,000,000 users with 4.7 of average rating.


Honey chrome extension is a great extension especially for those who love shopping and saving money after installing this you don't have to search for coupons and sales as this chrome extension automatically find and apply coupons when you shop online. This extension only supports in several countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and India as well. This only serves the site which has global customers such as Amazon. This extension have more than 10,000,000+ users with an average rating of 4.8


If you love exploring different sites, This is the great extension for you as you can do lots of things like,
Delete your browsing history
Remove download history
Erase unnecessary files
Clear website cookie
Clear website cache
Scan your Browser for any type of malware with just one click.
This popular extension has more than 4,000,000+ users with an average rating of  4.8

Checker Plus from Gmail

Checker Plus from Gmail as a name suggests, So if you are among the user who has to use Gmail on a daily basis and you are tired of opening Gmail, again and again, this extension is for you as you can view any email with just one click, So no need to open Gmail again and again. This extension has already more than 1,200,000+ users and have an average rating of 4.7


This extension is different from other extensions as this extension help you to change your mood and personal dashboard into a professional theme featuring to-do, weather, task, clock, etc This chrome extension helps you to calm down and get inspire with there beautiful themes. This extension has now more than 4,000,000+ users with an average rating of 4.4

So, I hope after reading this you will find these post interesting and useful.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Drive Traffic To Website

Driving a traffic to a website is not an easy task as it sounds, especially for a new website, they struggle a lot to get a traffic and rank in a search result. Most of the publishers by which start to buy a traffic which is not good for any website since it affects Organic traffic, SEO and search result of the website and this type of things is important for the website.
But no problem, there are lots of ways to Drive Traffic To Website 
I am sure after reading this you will able to know:-

  • How to drive organic traffic to your website
  • How to rank up your website
  • How to improve the visibility of your website
how to drive traffic to your website - swipestra
Image showing Analyst- Drive traffic to the website



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important parts of a website as it is responsible for the ranking up of the website in the search result. As 94% of the searches are redirected to the website from the first page of the search result, and this can be responsible for driving most of the Organic traffic to your website and which is the main reason for using SEO on your website.
If you want to know more about SEO check out this How to improve SEO of your website 


Making a Quality content affects both the visitors and search engines If you have quality content in your website Google will automatically recommend it on the top of the search result, which will show a growth in your website traffic and having a quality content will also affect the new visitors to revisit your website again.


Nothing is better than using social media for your website, It is a great way to drive traffic to your website. As you can promote your website to lots of people you have great chances to drive a traffic with lots of new visitors in your website. You can use the popular social media platform to promote your website.
Some of them are:-


and lots of other platforms.


Linking internally is a great way to engage your visitors, As it bounces the user when the link gets clicked and this is the main reason that can boost your website with traffic.


If you have a perfect website with perfect content, SEO, as well as rank on the search result But if your website is not able to load fast then there is no way you will get any traffic, as the users will not wait to load the website and they will try other searches results, which will make your website look bad. So I will recommend you to use 
1: Use fewer codes and fewer errors
2: Optimize your image size


Email Marketing is must for all the publishers since it is known as a most effective way to drive a traffic to the website. It generally works like these. User visit to your website see your content and when they find it useful they just subscribe to your website with there email address and the user gets all the updates, posts, and information about the website in there email. For making email marketing successful you will need an Email List of all your subscriber. This is one of the most effective ways you can drive a traffic to a website.


Make a mobile-friendly website, The 40% of traffic for the search results come from a mobile/smartphone user. So It is obvious for the website to be a mobile friendly.


Using natural referral traffic means using others website to advertise your content. These methods work really good for increasing traffic on the website. but most of the people try to buy a referral traffic which is not natural, and this affects the website with lots of ways.


Using Google tools is a great way to optimize your content to the search engine
Some of them are:-
Google Analytics
Google console
Google AdWords
you can know more about it on How to improve SEO of the website


After all of this, This one of the most important things to do in the website is being active and updating your content regularly, these make the visitors get engaged to your site, these also help to increase the number of visitors as well as revisitors in your website.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How To Improve SEO Of Website

Ranking a website is a great way to drive a traffic to your website. especially when your website appears on the front page of the search result. As 93% of the users are redirected to the website through the front page of a search result. which means if you have good SEO on your website, The website will automatically rank on the first page of a search result, As a result, most of the traffic will be redirected to your site. But the real question is How? I am sure after reading this you will able to know:-

  • How to improve the SEO of a website
  • How to rank up your website
  • How to drive a traffic to your website
how to improve SEO of website -
How to improve SEO of a website


Use Metadata

Title metadata

Title metadata is generally used by search engine to display a page on the search result.
It is generally used by a search engine to show what the content is about.
Title metadata helps the users to show what they are looking for.
The size of the title metadata should be a maximum of 60 characters after it, It will not display any characters.

Description metadata

Description metadata is used to show the users what the actual content is all about. The description metadata shows after title metadata. The size of the description metadata should be a maximum of 160 characters after it, It will not display any characters

Keyword metadata

Keyword metadata is used to show the relevant keywords related to the basics of the content of the website to the search engine. But as of "Title" and "description metadata" This doesn't appear on a search result. It is only used by the search engine to know what the content is all about.

Images show Title, Link, and Description of search result -
Images show Title, Link, and Description of search result

Use ALT tags

ALT tags are must if you are using any type of image in your website. As it is shown in image search result and whenever the user clicks on the image they are redirected to the website.

Publish a relevant content

Your content will never be on the first page of search result if you put irrelevant content since Google hate it and which also affect visitors from revisiting. Your content should always match with the title and description of the webpage.

Be Active update your content regularly

This is the main key point why most of the new website get top ranks on the search result within some days. It not only make in the top result but it also forces the new visitors to revisit it again, and engage them with your website.

Create a sitemap of your website

A sitemap of a website is one of the most important parts of a website as it tells the search engine what and where the website pages, posts, and links are located. The sitemap plays a very important role in SEO of the website.

Make a mobile-friendly website

More than 40% of organic traffic comes from mobile users. which makes important for a website to become mobile friendly.

Use structural inter Links

The one of the key point to use structural interlinks is because it engages the visitor with your most of the content.

Use social media 

Using social media for your website is the best way to promote and make new visitors to your website and also the best way to drive a traffic to your website.

Use Google tools like

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the best way to monitor your website Problems, Errors, and Warnings
basically, Google Search Console is a tool which helps your website to function correctly. And it is also the best to make your website indexed to the search engine with the help of google crawler.
You must use this tool for your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must have tool for your website as it tells each and everything about your website. such as No of visitors, Bouncing rate, Locations, traffic source, etc.. and most importantly
it gives you a real-time overview of your website.

Google Adword

Google Adword is also one of the most important SEO tools, As it gives you information related to the Keyword of your content and website.  As I have already explained to you about keyword metadata Since it is one of the most important parts of SEO for your website. I will definitely recommend you to use it.

Make your website secure

Google doesn't want to put the un-secure website at the top of the search result. Since they take these issue seriously as they don't want that the visitor to get in trouble. So for these, I will recommend you to use SSL certificate or we can say (https) for your website. You can also buy these for free from here

So, these are some of the most important ways by which you can Improve SEO Of your website.
I am sure your website will rank top of search result if you use these for your website.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

How To Approve A Website On Google Adsense

Having your own website is a great feeling, but it becomes twice when you monetize your website and start earning from it.
As we all know there are lots of ways to monetize your website and start earning a good amount of money from it but the most popular way among most publishers that is recommend by them is Google Adsense.
But the only problem with Adsense is its strict account approving policies in which most of the website publishers fail.
So, Many of the publishers want to know How to approve Google Adsense account.


If you are using a website with domain such as ( or ( there are no chances of getting approval with these type of domains, But if you are using website with the domain with extension .blogspot or using blogger the chances of getting approved become high.
But In my opinion, I will recommend you to purchase and use your own Top-Level domain Like.COM, As the rate of approval, become high with it. It will cost you around 10$. you can use a website like GoDaddy, Hostgator etc.. to purchase it.

As the main question is How to approve a website on Google Adsense account
Here are some of the main points to get a website approved quickly with Google Adsense.


  1. Purchase custom top level domain
  2. Create a professional website with a clean design
  3. Add pages like about, contact, privacy policy
  4. Upload at least 10 to 15 Quality contents
  5. Use domain specific email address, ex:-
  6. Don't use any type of copyright images or cont
  7. Don't buy any type of referral traffic
  8. Do not monetize your website with other networks of ads 
  9. Make sure you don't have any type of broken links on your website.
  10. Do not post contents related to hacking, cracking, fraud, age-restricted and adult contents etc...
And here we go,
Now you will be able to Approve a website on Adsense
and now you can apply for Adsense.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

How Hackers Crack Passwords

A password is used as one of the most important authentication used for users privacy, usernames and passwords are widely used by many computers systems, Bank accounts, ATMs, Websites, Databases, for authentication.
Information stored in this type of authenticated computer systems have lots of valuable information related to Website, Bank details, government agencies, Militaries, companies, and about their users, employers, and many more.
As this type of information is really valuable to the companies they spend thousands and thousands of dollar to make them secure from any type of unauthorized and malicious actions generally done by hackers.
This type of information is really valuable and important and attracts lots of hackers.
Hackers try there best to get access to the computer and the computer database but it's not an easy task, they have to find a vulnerability, loopholes, and get access through backdoor which is not an easy task.

But, Let's assume the  hackers get an full access to a computer and the database and they have all the information they want such as users Usernames, Emails, Passwords, and there address,
But Wait, Now the main challenge arrives which is in the user's password.
Users password are Encrypted which means no one can read or understand it even the Owner, managers, and employers of the companies and websites until and unless it has been cracked.
So the main question is,

cracking password
Cracking passwords


So to know How Hackers crack a password, You have to know how a database works.
For this, Let's assume that you have to create an account on facebook So for creating an account on facebook you have to give some information to Facebook such as your Name, Email, Phone no., Password, and your address.
So all this information that is given by you are sent and are saved in the Facebook database which
is again used as authentication for login in your account. The login authentication is done by comparing the username and password entered by you with the username and password saved in a database.
Once the authentication complete, data entered by you matches with the information in a database the website allows you to successfully sign in.
So as I have told you earlier that your password is not saved in plain text it is saved as an encrypted hash. Hashes are the type of encryption which converts every plain text or password into a unique input.
The password is encrypted using many different kinds of hashing algorithms some of them are
  • SHA1

  • MD5

  • SHA256


Bruteforce Attack

In this attack, the hacker creates and use a specific type of tool which tries every possible password with the different type of combinations of letters, numbers, characters etc. and compares with the password in a database or in computers.
But the only problem with brute force attack is it consumes lots of time, effort and computing power. but the chances of cracking a password is much higher than any other attack.

Dictionary Attack

In this attack, the hacker uses wordlist which consists the list of  most common possible passwords it works same as a brute force but the only difference is brute force uses a different type of combinations of letters, numbers, characters etc. and compares it with the password in a database or in computers, But Dictionary attack only use specific type and list of passwords most of them are common password which is then compared with the password in the database

Rainbow Table Attack

Rainbow table attack is same as dictionary attack but the only difference is it consists of a list of the hashed password in which it compares the possible password which is in the form hashed password compared with database hashed password if it will find the password it will be shown to you.

Hybrid Attack

This type of password is also the same as above that we have discussed the only thing that makes it different from all of the attacks given above as it uses the random combinations of letter, words, numbers, characters and it also replace them as appending and prepending form.

How Can You Save From This Type Of Attacks

The Answer to this question is in your password strength, Some tips are.

  1. Increase your password length (ex. 12 to 18 characters)
  2. Increase your password strength by adding different characters. (ex. @!$&*()#)
  3. Do not use an easy and short password (ex. less than 10 characters)
  4. Do not use the same password everywhere
  5. Do not use passwords that consist of Information related to you.